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'Rhino's conquer Finland'

How do you shoot in a country when it's 10ft under snow and well below zero?

I was contacted by Jouko from Finland last year and he described a shotgun sport I had never heard of before, they shoot both indoors and outdoors (only in summer though) and shoot what I can guess at is a hybrid form of running boar, just with a shotgun.

Check out the picture of Juoko and his Browning U/O with his +660 thou Rhino Turkey and all that snow. Yes 660, that’s 80thou of choke. Here is Jouko's feedback.

'The targets are about 5 x 10 cm in size and mowing in many different ways. Range is about 25 - 30 m and according to rules maximum payload is only 24 gm! Shot size 9 in factory made ammunition. To score maximum points there should be at least 10 hits in each target.'

I have been testing Rhino Turkey choke and it give excellent tight and

even impact of shots at 25 - 30 m range. If I aim correctly there are

certainly more than ten hits in the goal demanded for scoring full 10

points. Once I had more than 60 hits. Cartage used was Tunet 24 gr 2.00 mm

skeet. Now it is only up to my self to get full points from every attempt.

Any mistake will result in a miss.

shoot snow

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