There new ranges added to the current range

produces and assembles all components (powders, cases, primers, wads) bringing together all its industrial experience to build great quality cartridges for both hunting and shooting.

The production of these raw materials, the components and a unique loading system guarantee the reliability of NSI cartridges that since ever are marketed to hunters and shooters across the world.


The successes obtained in the most prestigious competitions in the world, from the Olympic Games to the World Championships, demonstrate how NobelsportItalia cartridges are at the highest levels of technology, performance and reliability.

Forefront Technology-
The continuous researches in the ballistic field allow NSI to have total knowledge of the peculiarities of our cartridges components and how to use them best.

We produce all the components used in the cartridges; allowing total quality control, the components also benefit from newly developing technology and manufacturing practices which translate to increased reliability and performance.

Winning Performances-
These cartridges, manufactured with an experience matured in a lifetime dedicated to their production, are a trustworthy point of reference for all those who wish to reach the best results possible. The plant at San.Giuliano Terme has produced 3.400.000.000 cartridges since 1927!Developed with the high performance standards of world wide Trap, Skeet and sporting champions in mind, the cartridges are assembled from the highest quality plastic cases, high antinomy hard shot, carefully matched propellants, even patterning Nobelsport plastic wads and Nobelsport Martignoni’s famous 209 sized target primers.

Experience obtained from NobelsportItalia’s successful history in international competition guarantees success for any competitor. As per Italian proof house standards all V1’s are at 2.5M

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