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Rhino is unashamedly a ‘premium choke system’ and I am proud to say that I have never had a problem with any choke that I have ever sold and everyone that uses RHINO’S in their gun has had an improvement in their shooting; higher scores on the board or more game in the bag. Price wise the RHINO’S are dearer than standard factory chokes and other competitors, no doubt about it, this is because 174 H1150 stainless steel bar stock is pretty expensive, but compared to the value that a set of RHINO CHOKES brings to your patterns and scores you would have to spend upwards of $600 on barrel work to get what $260ish dollars gives you with a set of RHINO’S. Our competitors start with cheaper steel so of course they will have a cheaper choke. Add to that you could always take your RHINO’S out and transfer them to your new gun if you stayed with the same manufacturer. I have plenty of customers who are on their third gun and their first set of RHINO’S.

The RHINO ported choke is a revolutionary design giving the competition shooter the edge. The RHINO replacement choke will give you a lifetime of performance. The RHINO replacement choke is longer than the gun manufacturers original, extending 25mm beyond the muzzle with porting 360 degrees around the extension.
RHINO CHOKES are precision engineered and highly polished to exact standards from high grade, 174 H1150, stainless steel.  They will not rust or corrode, and are designed to handle STEEL or LEAD shot.  (If shooting STEEL we recommend nothing tighter than our modified -1/2 choke).
The unique patented design has a wad stripping action which allows the shot cloud to develop and travel down range with far less disturbance. This combined with elongation and precision boring and polishing of the choke profile, typically results in a 20% more effective pattern than a standard choke tube by eliminating wild flyers and centering the pattern relative to your bores.

Consequently the shooter can use less choke for a given target and obtain a larger but equally more effective pattern. Additionally, the RHINO ported choke reduces muzzle flip and has a marked effect on recoil.


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